Welcome to RoastyCaffeine.com

“Hi there, my name is Cyrus Yung and I lived in the small red dot called Singapore. To get additional cash, I worked at my dad’s work place (coffeeshop) part time during the weekend when I was in secondary school.

That was when I was introduced to coffee and tea.

I started this site because there’s a lot of coffee knowledge, history and how it has evolved till today’s different coffee machines and different ways of brewing in different cultures. I want to share what I found out to the world.

The content on RoastyCaffeine.com are planned and edited by me. I do use freelance writers to put the content together, but I am the one who approves of the content writing.

I do my best to try out the items that’s mentioned here as much as possible. But we know that it’s not possible to get our hands on all coffee items, so we have rely online feedbacks and forums extensively to consolidate information.