7 Best Coffee Machine with Grinder

A coffee machine with grinder is the ideal product to use when you prefer making your brew with freshly ground beans. Purchase a machine that comes with a grinder so you can prepare your coffee beans quickly and easily. Find out how to pick the best one in the article below.

For you to pick a suitable coffee machine with a grinder you’ll need to know which specs to look for. In this buying guide, we’ll explain which coffee machines are the best and what features the integrated grinder must-have. This section will help you pick the best coffee machine with grinder for your specific use.

If you are in a hurry to find out our pick for the best coffee machine with grinder, it is the Breville Barista Express.

How to Select the Best Coffee Machine with Grinder

Types of Coffee Machines

There are various types of coffee machines with grinders to pick from. What you pick all depends on the type of coffee brew you prefer. Here are two different types of coffee machines you might love:

  • Drip coffee makers with grinder: This type of machine allows you to fill a pot with coffee so that hot water can drip through grounds to make a brew. A drip coffee maker with a grinder is affordable and low maintenance. Furthermore, it can brew larger batches of great coffee as opposed to other machines.
  • Espresso machine with a grinder: An espresso maker is large but produces the finest quality coffees. Hot water is forced through a basket of ground coffee beans at high pressure. This produces a rich strong coffee with a smooth crema on top. These espresso machines come with a variety of grinders that will work with a simple push of a button. You can select how finely you want your coffee beans to be ground with these machines.

Grinder Type

There are two types of coffee machine grinders: burr and blade grinders. The cheaper of the two is the blade grinder and it operates with high-speed propellers that chop coffee beans finely. The disadvantage is that a blade grinder doesn’t chop beans into a consistent size which may affect the flavor of your coffee.

Burr grinders are of high quality and can be made with ceramic or stainless steel. There are two types of burr grinder designs: flat or conical. Flat burr grinders are made with a pair of serrated rings that cut the beans. A conical grinder has a pair of coned shaped burrs that crushes and grinds the coffee beans.

Serving Size Options

Consider the capacity of the bean hopper and the carafe of the coffee machine. If you want to grind a large number of coffee beans at a time, then make sure the hopper is big enough for the task. Furthermore, if you want to serve between eight and 12 people at a time the carafe must have a large capacity for the brewed coffee.

Size of the Machine

The size of the coffee maker is important if you have a small countertop space. Measure your counter and then look at the dimensions of the machine before you buy it to ensure it will fit onto your counter.

Durability and Maintenance

Some lower-grade coffee makers will simply fall apart because they’re made from poor quality material. The best coffee makers on the market are made with stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics to ensure long service life. Your coffee brewer should also be easy to maintain, so ensure you buy one with removable parts that can be cleaned easily.

Benefits of Coffee Machines with Grinders

A coffee machine with a grinder is an all in one unit that makes brewing your cup of joe easier. The best coffee maker with grinder gives you more control of your brew. This is because it allows you to set the grinder to chop your beans to the size you want. Here are additional benefits of these machines:

  • Fresher coffee brew
  • Saves on electricity
  • Has many programmable options
  • Improves the flavor of your coffee

Wholebean Vs Pre-Ground

Whole beans

Wholebean coffee is freshly picked beans that can either be pre-roasted or green so you can roast them yourself.

These beans must be ground so when hot water comes into contact with them it will release their flavor. Most coffee lovers prefer whole bean coffees because it’s fresher and provides excellent tasting brews.

If you prefer whole bean coffee you will need a coffee machine with a grinder. This way you can chop up your own coffee beans whenever you want a great cup of joe. You can also roast your coffee beans to how you like them. So, you can have light flavors or dark and rich blends depending on how you roast the beans.

Pre-Ground Coffee

Pre-ground coffee is beans that have been ground into a fine texture. The moment you grind coffee beans it starts releasing CO2. This means the beans start losing their freshness.

The advantage of pre-ground beans is that you don’t have to do it yourself so making coffee will be quicker. But if you have a sensitive palette the coffee may taste stale or burnt. It’s important to select pre-ground coffee that has been kept in an airtight bag to retain its freshness.

Product Reviews

The Cuisinart DGB grind brew coffee maker is one of the top products on the market at the moment.

It’s an automatic machine that instantly grinds your whole coffee beans before brewing your cup of joe. This coffee and grind machine comes with a 12 cup glass carafe that has a dripless spout & knuckle guard. What’s more, there is a hot plate that will keep your coffee warm after brewing. It’s fully programmable so you can set the machine to make your coffee 24 hours in advance.

Since this is an automatic machine, all you have to do is load the hopper with your coffee beans and it will do all the work for you. Set the timer for when you’d like the machine to start making your coffee and it will grind up the beans & start brewing your beverage.

Furthermore, the Cuisinart allows you to set the machine to make light or strong brew coffee. It has an auto-shutoff and a large charcoal water filter. The design of this coffee maker with a built-in grinder is streamlined so it will fit perfectly on small countertops.



The Breville BDC650bss Barista Express makes the most decadent cups of coffee. Make lattes, cappuccinos, or straight shot espressos with this coffee maker. It has a large hopper so you can grind more coffee beans at a time.

The conical burr grinder can splice up a half a pound of coffee beans in seconds. What’s more, the Breville grind control dial allows you to pick the size you’d like to chop your beans into. Select a fine or coarse grind and the brew strength by using the dials on the front of the machine.

Additionally, it allows you to set the machine to the quantity of espresso you’d like to make. Once you’ve set the machine to the amount of coffee you want to make, the machine will automatically dispense grounds into the portafilter. There’s also a milk frother on the side of the machine so you can make creamy lattes.

This machine has a robust build quality because it’s made with stainless steel. It has a removable water tank so you can fill it up easily. The Breville the Barista has a 15 bar pump and 360 degrees swivel action steam wand.



The Krups grind and brew coffee maker is a streamlined machine that’s made out of durable plastic & stainless steel. It has a gold-tone filter for improved coffee flavors and easy cleaning. This machine has a glass carafe that will keep your coffee hot for up to two hours.

What’s more, the carafe has a large capacity that can produce 10 cups of coffee. This coffee maker has a built-in conical burr grinder that will splice up coffee beans fast. There are five grind settings to pick from so you can make fine or coarse ground coffee.

The coffee machine has strength settings so you can make strong or weak coffee. The coffee maker can be pre-set to make coffee when you want it to. There’s also a brew-pause function as well as precise pouring so it won’t spill coffee everywhere. This coffee machine has a clear LCD color display with easy to use settings. The bottom line is, the Krups grind and brew coffee maker is easy to manage & clean.

It’s a lightweight and compact machine that will fit onto small countertops so it’s perfect for conference rooms. This coffee maker is an affordable machine that allows you to make coffee the way you like it.



The EspressoWorks is a semi-automatic espresso machine with a large coffee grinder. It comes with a measuring spoon and tamper so you can fill & compact your portafilter quickly.

The stainless steel filter ensures there’s no plastic taste in your coffee. Additionally, it comes with two perfect sized espresso cups. This is a double shot machine to provide a means of making two cups of espresso simultaneously.

There’s a stainless steel frothing cup that allows you to make a single cup of cappuccino or latter. The machine is easy to clean because it comes with a removable drip tray and filters. The water tank is large and it’s also easy to remove so you can fill it up with water quickly every time.

There are LED light indicators to tell you when your coffee is ready. The bean hopper is separate from the machine and the 120V unit will give you the best grind.

Grind large quantities of beans at a time so you don’t have to continue grinding beans every time you want to make coffee. The hopper is sealed tightly so that it doesn’t spill beans everywhere. On top of the espresso machine is a heating tray that will keep your cups hot before you pour coffee in.



The Klarstein Aromatica Nuovo is a super-automatic coffee machine with a 24 hour schedule time. This machine has easy to use dials so you can program the unit and save your settings. The hopper pre grinds the coffee beans as soon as the machine starts up.

This drip coffee maker has a large glass carafe that makes 12 cups of brew quickly. So if you want to make a large pot of coffee for guests, the Klarstein coffee machine will get the job done.

The large water tank has a carbon heating filter to produce cups of brew at the perfect temperature. The built-in filter is permanent so you don’t have to spend money on paper filters. This filter ensures that it sifts out all pre-ground coffee so you don’t have granulates floating in your brew.

Furthermore, there’s a large bean hopper installed at the top of the machine and there are five grind settings to use. Overall the Klarstein Aromatica coffee machine has a streamlined design so it doesn’t take up too much counter space.

It has a robust construction with parts that are easy to clean and maintain. This machine has a large LCD panel so you can clearly see what you’ve set your machine to do.



The Barsetto is one of the best grind and brew coffee makers on the market.

Many coffee lovers have this as one of their top picks when selecting a coffee maker. This is because the Barsetto has an incredibly large coffee grinder on the top of the machine that will chop up beans quickly.

In the middle of the machine is an LCD color display and all the controls you need to make the perfect cup of coffee. It has a programmable clock so you can set the machine to make coffee when you want it to. There’s an automatic shutdown function that will switch the machine off after two hours.

Additionally, there are 18 grind sizes that you can pick from on the coffee maker. The carafe is glass and has a large capacity so you can make a pot of coffee for 10 cups. This carafe locks in from the side so you can grab the handle easily. What’s more, the machine has a strength control button so you can make light, medium, and strong cups of coffee.

This machine’s tank is non-removable but it does have a large capacity and measurements on it. This way you’re able to see how much water you’re putting into the tank.



The Cuisinart DGB 900BC is a grind and brew machine with a thermal carafe. This carafe keeps your coffee hot and fresh after the machine has made your brew.

The Cuisinart grinder is automatic so it chops up whole beans fast before starting the brewing process. The hopper can hold 8oz of beans. This machine allows you to preset the brewing process 24 hours in advance. It will start grinding and brewing your coffee at the time you set it to.

Sneak a cup of coffee with the brew pause feature. The pause feature will automatically stop the brewing process as soon as you remove the carafe from the plate.

Use the brew strength selector setting to make light, medium and strong coffee. This way you can make the type of coffee you love with a simple setting. If you want to make coffee for more people, you’ll love that this carafe can make 12 cups of joe quickly.

Overall the Cuisinart DGB coffee maker is easy to use and it’s effortless to keep clean. It’s suitable for small kitchens, conference rooms and offices.



The Bottom Line

After providing our audience with the best coffee makers with grinder reviews we’ve decided that the top pick is the Breville Barista Express. It’s a super automatic espresso machine that will grind up coffee beans fast for a fresher cup of joe.

With this machine, you can use pre ground coffee too. This makes it a flexible coffee machine so you can select between wholebean and pre ground products. What’s more, the Breville machine has all the controls you need to make the perfect espressos, cappuccinos and lattes & coffee for travel mugs. So, if you want professional barista-style coffee, the Breville can produce rich and flavorful cups of coffee you’ve been craving.

Let me know what you would choose and why in the comment below. If you have other recommended model that is not featured here, do share with us too.