7 Best Jura Coffee Machine

You may be asking ‘What are the best Jura Coffee Machine on the market?’ Well, we’re here to give you that information. We are reviewing the top 7 Jura coffee machines so you can pick the one ideal for you. Each Jura coffee machine has unique features. Find out what these features are below.
If you are in a hurry to find out our Jura coffee machine choice, it is the Jura D6 model.

Value Editorial

The Jura coffee machines may have the same brand name but they all have distinctive features. In our value editorial, we’ll give you details on all the exclusive features and specifications that come with these coffee machines. Read the value section thoroughly to find your ideal Jura coffee machine.

What is Jura?

Jura is a Swiss company that’s been manufacturing electrical appliances since the 1930s. The Jura brand is among the first companies to make automatic espresso and coffee machines. These Jura coffee machines have been in production since 1981.

The Jura brand makes high-end coffee machines that come at affordable prices. Additionally, Jura makes coffee machines for commercial and home use. A Jura coffee machine is feature-rich and offers you the most advanced technologies.

So if you want to make the best Jura coffee to suit your preference, pick a machine that has the features you’re looking for.

How to Select the Best Jura Coffee Machines

As mentioned before Jura coffee machines have easy to use features that assist with making the best barista-style coffees. In this section, we’ll be going through all the specifications that make these units high-end coffee makers.

Aroma and Grinder

Aroma is a word to describe how your grinds affect the quality of your brew. Use the aroma setting to pick your coffee strength based on the grind. The Aroma setting is a feature found on G2 and G3 Jura models.

Jura grinders are stainless steel burrs that are durable and provide quick and silent grinding. You get a choice of five settings so you can make strong espressos or milky lattes.

The CLARIS Filter System

Jura coffee makers have a CLARIS filter system that has anti scaling technology to filter out hard minerals. Furthermore, it stops calcium deposits from building up on the heating mechanisms.

The CLARIS filter system prevents damage to the heating elements inside the coffee machine. This filter eliminates the need to use chemicals to maintain your machine. Chemical detergents can affect the flavor of your coffee so you may want to pick a Jura coffee machine that has a CLARIS system.

Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (IPBAS)

The Intelligent Pre-brew Aroma System (IPBAS) adds a small amount of water to the coffee before brewing. This pre-infusion system puffs up the coffee beans and draws out all the flavors from the grounds. So look for a Jura coffee maker that has an IPBAS coffee system if you want a full-flavored cup of joe.

Pulse Extraction Process (PEP)

The Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) is what allows the intelligent pre-brew aroma system to function. This PEP optimizes the extraction of flavors from the coffee grinds and ensures even shot pulling. PEP controls the level of hot water used to pump through the grounds according to the type of coffee you’re making.

Fine Foam Technology

If you want barista-style crema on top of your espressos then you’ll love the fine foam technology Jura machines have. The fine foam technology allows you to make high-quality microfoam for milk-based coffees such as lattes and flat whites.

What are the Benefits of Jura Coffee Machines?

There are many advantages the Jura coffee machines can offer you. First of all, they are fully automatic coffee machines that do all the work for you. Jura coffee machines have self-cleaning systems so you don’t have to spend hours taking the machine apart to clean all the components.

Secondly, Jura coffee machines have adjustable grinders so you can pick how coarse or fine you want your grounds to be. The grind settings allow you to make different types of coffees such as lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos.

Lastly, all Jura coffee makers are durable so they have a long service life. All metal components are resistant to corrosion and plastic features are heavy-duty units so they won’t crack over time.

What’s the Best Way to use Jura Coffee Machines?

Every Jura coffee machine model is different so you need to refer to your user manual to set up your machine. All the settings are effortless to use and the instruction manuals are easy to follow. Simply follow all the steps when setting up your Jura machine so you can start making decadent cups of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Product Reviews

The Jura D6 model is a versatile coffee machine that allows you to make espressos, lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, and more. You’ll love the fine foam frother that prepares microbubbles to go on top of your coffee.

There’s integrated PEP technology to optimize the extraction time of your brews for improved flavors and aromas. What’s more, the D6 model has an intelligent water system that alerts you when the filter inside the machine is due for a change.

You’ll love how effortless it is to operate this Jura coffee maker. It has a dial that you can use to change between the seven different settings it provides. There’s a bean hopper on the side of the machine with the grinder. You can adjust the setting of the grinder to customize the size of the coffee grounds you want.

For effortless cleaning, drop a Jura cleaning tablet into the chute to wash the machine out. Next to the chute, you will find a place where you can store your mugs and keep them warm for when you want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

The water tank for the D6 Jura model is removable making it easy for you to fill it up when you need to. Additionally, there’s a drip tray and dreg box. Used coffee grounds are disposed of in the dreg box and coffee spillage will fall into the drip tray to eliminate messes in the kitchen.



Jura’s E6 model allows you to make barista-quality coffee with the touch of a button. Since this machine is automatic it does all the work for you. This coffee machine makes six specialty coffees including espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

The reason you can make various types of coffee is the grind setting. Inside the machine is an Aroma G3 grinder that you can adjust to make the type of grounds you want. Make fine grounds for strong and rich espressos or opt for a coarser ground for weak brews.

What’s more, there are eight coffee strength settings so you can make your cups of joe according to your preference. You’ll enjoy the large digital display on the front of the machine that allows you to have full control over the type of coffee you want to make. Finally, the E6 model has a 9oz bean hopper with a transparent cover.

There’s a 63.6oz removable plastic tank so you can fill it up easily. Use the switch on the side of the machine to adjust water temperatures and steam preparation.

Check out our in-depth review of JURA E6.



The Jura E8 espresso coffee machine has a sleek and elegant construction with a large full-color display. Use the display to select the type of coffee you want to make. Once you’ve selected your coffee type, the machine will grind the beans and start brewing your cup of joe accordingly.

Unlike other espresso machines that only have one or two settings, this Jura model is feature-rich. There are 12 specialty settings and eight coffee strengths for you to pick from. The display is user friendly so you won’t struggle to operate the machine.

The aroma grinder on the machine has six levels that you can adjust it to so you can make fine or coarse coffee grounds. It’s easy to load the bean hopper because it sits on top of the machine and it has a large capacity.

To sum up, the E8 model has a large 12oz water reservoir and a high performance 15 bar pressure pump. Additionally, the E8 Jura model has PEP technology and a fine foam frother. It’s a streamlined machine that doesn’t take up space on the kitchen counter so it’s perfect for small kitchens.



This Jura coffee maker is a super-automatic unit that makes three barista quality coffees. Make espressos and coffee with the one-touch button. The design of this coffee machine is sleek so it won’t take up space on your kitchen counter. There aren’t any protruding devices on the ENA 1 model so it fits perfectly into small spaces.

Inside the machine is a conical burr grinder with multi-level adjustment so you can grind down whole beans finely. The multi-level grinder is durable and silent so it won’t make an unpleasant noise when chopping up your coffee beans.

Store your coffee in the 7oz bean container to keep them fresh. What’s more, the ENA 1 coffee machine has a large 37oz water tank that’s accessible from the top so it’s easy to fill up. There’s a thermoblock heating system so your coffee will be made in less than three minutes. Make sure you use fresh ground coffee instead of K-cups with this machine.

This Jura model allows you to change the aroma level and the temperature of the water so you can make warm or piping hot brews. On the other hand, this machine doesn’t have a milk frother but it does have an integrated automatic cleaning system. Therefore this Jura coffee maker is easy to maintain.



The Jura S8 automatic coffee machine is a user-friendly unit that makes barista specialty brews. You can make lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and more.

Additionally, this machine has dual spouts so you can make two cups of coffee simultaneously. There is a conical G3 aroma burr grinder inside the machine that chops up whole beans finely. Additionally, it comes with a bean container that will keep your grounds fresher for longer.

The coffee machine has a large water tank and a cover to stop contaminants from entering the container. To prevent spills on the countertop there is a drip tray that’s easy to remove and clean. There’s a milk system with fine foam frother and an adjustable coffee spout.

At the back of the tank is a 64oz water tank you can remove to fill it up when you need to. There are other Jura models that come with color display screens but the S8 model is simply easier to use. Touch the screen to pick the brew you want to make and the S8 will start working automatically to brew your specialty coffee.



This Jura unit is a coffee and espresso machine that has a small footprint so it’s the perfect fit for small kitchens. With one touch of a button, you can make six types of brews namely espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

Simply press the rotary switch to get started. Similar to other Jura espresso machines, this one has an Aroma G3 grinder that will chop your whole beans finely. There’s a 4.4oz bean container that keeps your grounds fresher for longer.

At the back of the machine is a 37oz water tank that’s removable so you can fill it easily. The Jura espresso machine has fine foam technology so you can add a thick layer of milky froth on top of your lattes. There’s also a Pulse Extraction Process which pushes hot water through the grounds to draw all the flavor out.

What’s more, there are 10 coffee strength settings so you can make strong or weaker brews. If you fill the water reservoir and bean hopper to its full capacity you can make up to 15 cups of coffee. You’ll love how easy it is to make high-quality coffee with the Micro 90 model.



The brewing process on the Jura Impressa is effortless because this is a fully automatic machine.

Similar to the Impressa C65 unit it has a smart rotary switch that helps you make specialty drinks. You can make a shot of espresso or decadent coffee-based lattes and cappuccinos. You’ll also appreciate that this machine has an energy-saving mode making this unit an eco-friendly coffee maker.

Moreover, the Impressa C60 has dual spouts so you can make two cups of coffee at the same time. The 15 bars of pressure ensures it draws all the flavor out of your coffee beans. The height-adjustable spout accommodates small and large cups.

At the back of the machine is a large 64oz water tank that’s removable so you can fill it easily. At the bottom is a drip tray to catch spillage from the spouts. This Jura coffee machine is made with stainless steel and ABS plastic that’s durable so it will have a long service life.

The Jura automatic coffee centre is a streamlined unit so it will fit perfectly in offices, small kitchens, and conference rooms. To sum up, even though the Impressa C60 doesn’t have a dual bean hopper like the GIGA 5 unit it does come with a coffee bean container. This coffee container will keep your beans fresher for longer.



The Bottom Line

Did you find a Jura Coffee Machine you liked on our review list? If not let’s give you the clear winner of this roundup. The best Jura machine on our list is the D6 Coffee machine.

This Jura unit is a fully automatic coffee maker that has a plain text display and Smart Connect app controls. Jura’s D6 model has an AromaG2 grinder that will produce fine or coarsely ground coffee. You can brew up to 8oz of coffee at a time.

You’ll love how versatile this machine is because it can make milk-based coffees as well as espressos. Lastly, the D6 coffee machine has a milk frother that has fine foam technology that produces thick creamy coffee toppings. Jura’s D6 machine is durable and easy to maintain. Not only will it automatically make your coffee for you but it also has a self-cleaning program.

Pick the D6 coffee machine if you’re looking for a unit that produces high-quality coffees and espressos. Connect the unit to the Smart Connect app so you can control your unit remotely. See how easy it is to get a perfect cup of coffee in your own home?

Let me know what you would choose and why in the comments below. If you have other recommended model that is not featured here, do share with us too.

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