What is a Breve Coffee?

When last did you taste a breve coffee and if you haven’t yet, you’re missing out. A breve consists of an espresso shot with steamed half-and-half, hitting the sweet spot of coffee to cream ratio without overdoing it. A breve drink might be a good choice for you when it comes to the perfect mixture of coffee and milk, with its added sweetness. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee drinker, coffee enthusiast, or a coffee beginner.

Maybe you’ve found yourself wanting a cappuccino with extra cream but find that it ends up watering down the taste of the coffee. It’s possible you don’t want to add an extra espresso shot just to balance it out. Then a breve is exactly what you need. It can give you the creaminess you’re looking for while making sure you get that coffee taste you’re craving.

Why Call it Breve?

The word breve can mean short or little when translating it from Italian. The name itself also showcases the drink. It’s short, straight to the point and delicious, giving the caffeine hit coffee drinkers love the most.

There are a few other names such as cafe breve, breve latte, or breve caffe that also refer to a breve drink and the preparation process for these are all the same. The coffee beans go through the same brewing process, espresso machines can be used, most coffee chains stock it and it is an espresso drink that you’ll love.

Caffe Breve Origins

The breve originated in Italy and even though traveling to Italy for an original cafe latte may be a bit out of your budget, although you can keep it on your bucket list regardless. Thankfully though, a caffe breve was created so you can feel as if you’re in Italy by simply having a sip. Picture yourself sitting at a little coffee shop enjoying a coffee, having the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans wafting around you as well as an espresso beverage in your hands.

A caffe breve is an American twist on a cafe latte which is made with just steamed milk. Changing the recipe by adding half and half instead of just milk makes the drink that much creamier, and delectable. This coffee drink is often enjoyed as a dessert because of its richness, but it can be enjoyed in the morning for your early caffeine fix too.

Is Breve Keto Friendly?

It may come as a bit of a surprise but yes, breve is keto-friendly. The fact that half and half is used in the original recipe means it can easily be replaced by another ingredient. You can change to a half cream and half a milk alternative on your Keto friendly list, making this drink customizable to meet your taste and diet preferences.

That being said, the change of milk may alter the overall taste of the coffee drink. The half and half adds its own sweetness to the coffee drink which you may miss. So, if you go the Keto way but want to add a bit more sweetness back into the drink, you can ask the barista to add a sugar-free syrup.

Is Breve Drink Beneficial to You?

Because there is half and half used in this recipe, it is easy to assume that it contains a higher calorie count than a normal cappuccino. This is true but as discussed in the point above, the drink is customizable.

The serving size of a cafe breve usually fits in a cappuccino cup and consists of one espresso shot but you can add a double shot if you want, making the coffee taste just a little stronger. This is beneficial to you when you need that caffeine boost you’re looking for, especially if you’re a coffee lover who only wakes up after your first cuppa.

Difference Between a Latte and a Breve?

Although both a breve and latte contain an espresso shot, each drink is completely different from the other. While a latte is made with steamed milk which creates a milk foam, a breve is made with half and a half making the consistency a little creamier and thicker.

To find out more about this comparison of two popular drinks, read our article “Breve VS Latte: What you need to know!

How to Make a Breve Drink at Home

It could be possible that you order your breve drink from Starbucks more often than not but if you’re looking at making it yourself, let’s help. Listed below is the exact instructions you would need to follow:

  1. Before doing anything, you have to double-check that your milk is cold. If it is not cold, it won’t reach the desired foam texture you’re aiming for.
  2. Continuously keep an eye on the heat. The desired temperature would 160°F or 71°C.
  3. Place the steam wand into the half and half right where the liquid touches the side of your milk container. Listen for a whooshing sound and a swirl motion that will increase how much liquid is in the container, without producing any big bubbles. You’re looking for a silky foam.
  4. Remove the half and half when it’s at 140°F or 60°C.
  5. Make one or two espresso shots with your espresso machine. This is where your own customization can come into play because it’s up to you how strong your shots will be.
  6. Separate the foam from the steamed milk with a spoon and then pour the steamed milk into your cappuccino cup.
  7. Pour the espresso shot into the cup as slowly as you can. The half and half should be thick enough that it will hold the expresso at the top for a few seconds.

As mentioned above, you can modify coffee drinks, so if you want a sweet syrup added, go for it. Now, enjoy!

To Sum It Up

It can be daunting ordering a coffee drink these days, especially when you see the number of options available to you. Maybe you don’t know all the different names and types of coffees you see on the menu.

With the information listed above, you can add one more delicious coffee drink to your list! Now you can enjoy your next restaurant outing even more than usual or start making breves in your kitchen.

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