What is Cold Brew Coffee & How to Make? (With Recipe + Tips)

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee beans in cold water for a period of 12-24 hours. This cold brewing process draws out the caffeine and makes coffee less bitter and provides a smoother flavor. Cold brew coffee has health benefits including boosting your metabolism and improving your mood.

In recent years, coffee drinkers the world over have developed a taste for cold brew coffee. As opposed to the traditional way of using hot water to draw out the robust flavors of coffee, cold brew coffee involves steeping coffee beans for 12 to 24 hours.

When you’re making cold brew coffee, the health benefits seem to exceed those of using hot water to brew your favorite coffee drink. But exactly how do you make cold brew coffee at home and what do you need to do it? Today I’ll share the tips and tricks I’ve learnt from coffee experts.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home?

Learning how to make the best cold brew coffee requires the right equipment and some quality coffee beans bought from your grocery store. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can use cold brew coffee concentrate.

It’s important to note that the cold brew process takes time and while it’s quick to prepare, the steeping process takes between 12 to 24 hours. To have coffee ready for your morning routine, be sure to prepare it the night before. Prepare an extra batch to enjoy during the day!

Equipments NeededEquipments Needed for Cold Brew Coffee

Making a good cup of cold brew coffee doesn’t necessarily require a state-of-the-art coffee maker. If you have a French press or a drip coffee maker you can use it, but if you don’t a few items you probably already have around the house will work too.

To start the cold brew process, you’ll need the following:

  • French press or drip coffee maker: The cold brew process can be made with a French press using the infusion method or simply by using the items below.
  • Mason jar with lid: Use to mix coffee in and store in the refrigerator
  • Coffee grinder: Use to coarsely grind coffee beans
  • Paper filters: After the coffee steep process, use filters to strain the coffee. As part of the straining process, you can strain the coffee mixture through a sieve first and then through a paper filter for a finer strain.

Step by Step Guide to Make Pour Over Coffee at Home

One of the reasons cold brew coffee is so popular is because of its many health benefits as well as the simplicity in making it. It’s a relatively easy way to enjoy a good cup of coffee with all the coffee flavor minus the acidity and bitter taste you might often associate with coffee.

The simplest way to make a cold brew as good as the ones found in coffee shops is as follows:

Basic Cold Brew Coffee


  • 100g coffee grounds or cold brew concentrate
  • 1L filtered water


  1. Add coarsely ground coffee beans to filtered water
  2. Stir gently, but not for too long or too rigorously
  3. Place in fridge for 12 – 24 hours for the steeping process
  4. Pour the coffee through a sieve or paper filter as part of the straining process.
  5. Stir and drink as is or use as part of another coffee drink.

There are many popular ways to enjoy a cold brew coffee. Below are five of the easiest and tastiest coffee brew recipes you can try at home.

Recipe 1: Cold Brew Iced Americano


  • 90 – 120ml cold brew coffee (the amount depends on the strength of your coffee)
  • 90ml filtered water
  • Ice


  1. Fill the glass with ice
  2. Add the 90ml water to the glass of ice
  3. Pour the coffee brew into the glass slowly
  4. Stir gently and enjoy!
Cold Brew Iced Americano

Recipe 2: Iced Cold Brew Latte

Iced Cold Brew Latte Image


  • 120 – 150ml cold brew coffee (depending on the strength of your coffee)
  • 60ml milk syrup
  • Ice


  1. Fill the glass with ice
  2. Pour the coffee brew into the glass and shake to settle the ice
  3. Add 60ml milk syrup
  4. Stir and enjoy!

Recipe 3: Iced Cold Brew Mocha


  • 120ml – 150ml cold brew coffee (depending on the strength of your coffee)
  • 30ml milk syrup
  • 30ml chocolate syrup 30ml
  • Ice


  1. Fill the glass with ice
  2. Pour 30ml chocolate syrup into cold brew coffee and stir
  3. Pour into glass, shaking slightly for ice to settle
  4. Stir and enjoy!


Iced Cold Brew Mocha

Recipe 4: Iced Cold Brew Caramel Macchiato

Iced Cold Brew Caramel Macchiato


  • 120ml – 150ml cold brew coffee (depending on the strength of your coffee)
  • 45ml milk syrup
  • 15ml caramel syrup
  • Ice


  1. Fill the glass with ice
  2. Pour cold brew coffee over the ice
  3. Pour milk syrup over the cold brew
  4. Drizzle caramel syrup over the coffee and milk mixture
  5. Stir and enjoy!

Recipe 5: Iced Cold Brew Brown Sugar Latte


  • 120ml – 150ml cold brew coffee (depending on the strength of your coffee)
  • 45ml milk syrup
  • 15ml brown sugar syrup
  • Ice


  1. Fill the glass with ice
  2. Mix milk syrup with cold brew coffee
  3. Pour brown sugar mix over ice
  4. Shake gently to settle over ice
  5. Pour the coffee mixture into glass
  6. Stir and enjoy!
Iced Cold Brew Brown Sugar Latte

To see just how easy it is to make these tasty coffee drinks, watch the short clip below.

Cold Brew Coffee Video with 5 Easy to Make Recipes

FAQs About Cold Brew Coffee

  1. What is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee? Which is Stronger?

In general, cold brew usually has more caffeine than iced coffee. Iced coffee is regular hot coffee served over ice, so it can quickly become diluted. Cold brew coffee will have more caffeine than iced coffee without being as diluted.

  1. What is a Good Cold Brew Coffee Ratio?

While the perfect proportion of coffee to water ratio depends on your taste, many coffee drinkers agree that a 1:5 ratio creates a balanced drink. A 1:5 ratio makes the best cold brew to enjoy as is, without any additions like milk.

  1. What is Special About Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee generally tastes less bitter and more flavorful because the coffee grounds aren’t exposed to extremely high temperatures. The lower temperature gives the coffee a smoother and sweeter taste. Acidity is also lowered by at least 67%.

  1. Is Cold Brew Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

The reason it’s easier to maintain or even lose weight when drinking cold brew coffee is that cold brew increases the number of calories you burn at rest.

The Bottom Line

With these tasty and easy to follow recipes, it’s very easy for you to make a simple cup of cold brewed coffee or any of its many variations. Making a batch in advance means you’ll have some to drink on-the-go. You’ll no longer need to queue at your local coffee shop for your favorite cold brewed coffee drink!

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