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Coffee lovers the world over will agree on one thing. Nothing matches a fresh, quality made cup of coffee. For those of us who don’t have a coffee machine, having a fresh, hot shot of espresso in the morning might require a drive to the nearest coffee shop. It becomes a little more of a drag when you want to have more than one frothy coffee drink a day.

Every coffee lover should have their own coffee maker to allow them to indulge in their favorite coffee drink at any time of the day. Investing in a stylish Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center can change all of that!

The Jura E6 coffee maker is part of the popular espresso machine range from Jura Elektroapparate. Founded in 1931 in Switzerland, Jura is currently the leading supplier of espresso machines worldwide. With their high-end coffee machines,they make it easy for coffee aficionados to enjoy their favorite coffee drinks in the comfort of their own homes.

The Jura E6 is among the top bean to cup coffee machines. It offers coffee drinkers the joys of their favorite coffee drinks in a matter of seconds. With its programmability options, intelligent water system and P.E.P brewing it really is a high-end coffee machine. It also maintains your coffee temperature with a nifty thermo block boiler.

The Jura E6 is ideal for any coffee lover who enjoys a hot, fresh cup of coffee at any time of the day. This stylish coffee machine looks good on any kitchen counter and everything you ever wanted in an espresso machine!



Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Maker

As a coffee lover, I find it very annoying when there isn’t a hot, fresh cup of my favorite drink around when I need it. If you love coffee as much as I do, you can surely relate. A coffee maker ensures you have a quality cup of your favorite coffee drink available in your home all day.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before buying a coffee maker:

  • Can it make your favorite coffee drink? Don’t assume that all coffee machines can make all types of coffees.
  • Do you prefer automatic, semi-automatic or manual?
  • Do you prefer freshly ground coffee? A coffee machine will give you the option of brewing beans or using coffee grounds.
  • How easy will it be to clean and maintain?
  • What type of coffee makers are out there? Compare brands, prices and features.
  • What is your budget? Decide on your budget beforehand so that you don’t waste your time looking at units you won’t be able to afford.
  • What additional features would you like? Some additional features add to the joy of the coffee making process.

Features & Benefits

While you’re browsing for the right coffee machine it’s important to read up on coffee machine
reviews as well as the product specifications. Let’s have a look at the most prominent features of the Jura E6 coffee machine.



The Jura E6 has a simple and sleek design. For the platinum model, a black plastic casing dominates with silver side panels. It has a streamlined profile with dimensions of 11 x 17 x 13.5 inches. It only weighs 21lbs.

The left-hand side of the coffee maker houses the 63.6oz water reservoir which is made of plastic and can be removed. The switch for hot water and steam preparation is located on the right-hand side. The bean hopper sits ontop of the machine and has a transparent aroma preservation cover.

A nifty height adjustable coffee spout and milk foam controls are located in the front of the unit. The cup platform holds two cups and can be pulled open to gain access to the coffee grounds container. A digital screen display highlights the various settings needed to use the coffee maker.

This modern, elegant design is destined to fit on any kitchen counter!

Features and Functionalities

The Jura E6 has several interesting features that are worth a mention if you’re considering this unit. Some of the features I found most notable are the following:

  • E.P Brewing: If you want pre-infused coffee, this is a function you’ll use often. Instead of having the water flow through the coffee, it can be pulsed through the beans just before infusion begins. This gives you a greater aroma, and much less brew time. What a handy pre infusion system!
  • TFT Colour Screen Display: Operation is made simple by the clear and user friendly color display. Buttons on the side enable you to choose espresso, coffee, cappuccino or milk foaming. Simply follow the on-screen prompts, and you’ll be sipping your favorite specialty coffee drink in no time.
  • One-Touch Cappuccino System: The Jura E6 comes with a Capuccinatore/siphon milk system. This means preparing a fresh and frothy cappuccino is only one button press away!Your cappuccino loving friends will suddenly start visiting you more often!
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System: This is a feature that a fresh coffee drinker will adore. The more coffee you can get out of the bean, the better right? This feature pre-infuses the coffee before brewing which means you’ll get the most coffee extraction possible. The function is adjustable, giving you the freedom to decide on your coffee strength.With the adjustable drinks pulse extraction you get the best coffee flavor at your fingertips!
  • Intelligent Water System: The RFID technology will automatically detect whether or not a water filter is being used. This eliminates chlorine, limescale and any other chemicals in the water that could affect the flavor of the coffee. Few people realize tap water actually affects the final taste of your coffee drink. Filters not only prevent funny flavored coffee but also enhances the lifespan of your espresso machine. Making specialty coffees will be a breeze.
  • Fine Foam Technology: This function allows you to froth the milk to your desired degree of frothiness. You can decide if you want your milk airy or foamy. By using the TFT display you can scroll to the right setting and voila! Milk frothing made easy! I wish I’d had this handy feature when I tried to make frothy milk without a coffee maker!
  • Built-in Grinder: Stock up on your coffee beans because you’re going to love this feature! The Aroma G3 burr grinder is not only quiet but very fast as well. Seven coffee grinder settings give you different options to choose the levels of ground coffee you can make.
  • Jura Smart Connect: Ever thought of connecting your smartphone to your coffee machine? Well, now you can! This function enables you to change settings and selections on the coffee machine remotely. You can change settings depending on the specialty coffee drink you want to have later. This means you’ll have a hot, steaming cup of your favorite coffee drink waiting for you when you get home from a long day at work. This small smart connect device is purchased separately though.

Setup and Operation

Setting the unit up couldn’t be easier. Simply take it out of the box and place it on the countertop you’ve selected to showcase your new coffee machine. Ensure there’s enough airflow around the unit because if you’re a coffee lover, it’s going to be working a lot. And, you wouldn’t want it to overheat.

Test the water hardness levels before you use the Jura E6 for the first time. Ensuring you have the correct water quality will make sure your coffee flavor is not affected. The coffee machine will display easy to understand prompts on the TFT screen to get you started.

If you’re going to use milk, connect the machine to the frothing container using the milk pipe. It’s important to keep milk temperature at 39 – 46 °F. This will ensure your milk gets frothed properly.

To begin the brewing process, simply select the coffee drink you want to have. Press the corresponding button and your coffee machine will begin the process. Coffee strength is displayed on the digital screen. If you require less or more water, you’ll have to change the setting or the default amount will be dispensed. When your drink is ready, the machine automatically stops.

By going to the programming mode, you’ll be able to change settings like temperature, coffee strength levels and water amount. Changes can also be made to the “clean”, “descale,” “choose language” and “expert mode.”

Expert mode allows you to change the settings on your specialty drinks. The manual will give a step by step guide to do this. This is a handy feature because it allows you to make your favorite drink just the way you like it!

Brewing Capacity and Process

A big plus about the Jura E6 is that you can brew two cups of coffee at the same time, courtesy of the dual spout. Once again, the coffee maker will guide you with the steps needed to use both milk spouts. Before making your desired coffee drink, ensure the water tank is full. The coffee maker will prompt you to “fill bean container” or “Empty coffee grounds.”

If you’re in the mood for an espresso shot, simply press the espresso button. This goes hand in hand with the brew group on the front of the coffee maker. Twice will give you two cups of espresso.

To prepare cappuccino simply connect the milk jug to the milk spout or milk frother by using the milk pipe. This forms part of the milk foam functions. No need for any manual steaming. Press “Cappuccino” and turn the matching switch on the right. Follow the prompts on the machine and within a few minutes you’ll have a frothy cappuccino drink to savor.

These drink settings make choosing your favorite coffee drink so much easier than with some other machines.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Coffee machines must be cleaned every time they’ve been used. Coffee and milk can cause residue build up and can alter the flavor of your coffee drink.

As a rule of thumb, wipe up any spills immediately after use. Empty the drip tray as well as the coffee grounds container. Use warm water to clean out any residue. You should do this while the machine is still on so that the coffee grounds counter resets back to zero.

The Jura E6 makes use of several maintenance protocols to help you improve the lifespan of your coffee machine. The machine will prompt the user to perform certain functions like descaling the machine and cleaning the milk foam frother.

Cleaning tablets must be used to descale the water tank. Do this when you’re not going to use the machine for several hours as it’s a process that takes a while. These handy maintenance programmes make cleaning the unit as easy as making your favorite coffee drink!

Accessories and Add-ons

The Jura E6 comes with a few handy accessories, including:

  • Jura CLEARYL Smart filter cartridge
  • Six multi-pack two-phase cleaning tablets
  • 20 oz stainless steel frothing pitcher
  • 1-pound Capresso medium roast East Coast Blend Coffee Beans
  • 3oz ceramic tiara espresso cup and saucer

Using the Jura E6 is very easy. Have a look at this easy tutorial video below and see just how simple it truly is!



If you’re not entirely sold on the Jura E6, there are a few alternatives that you could consider. I’ve compiled a list of three alternative coffee makers that you can look into.

De’Longhi ECAM35075i

The De’Longhi ECAM35075i gives you the coffee shop experience at home. With a single touch coffee expertscan brew drinks like macchiato, espressos, lattes, Cappuccinos, iced coffees and a whole array of other specialty drinks.

A built in burr grinder saves counter space and means your coffee is always fresh. This unit is often referred to as the perfect espresso machine.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

If you love the Jura brand but would like a different model to the E6, then the Jura E8 automatic coffee machine is for you. This model grinds fresh coffee beans twice as fast as a conventional grinder. An intelligent water system with RFID technology makes using a filter much easier.

MEROL Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

This nifty model, with its elegant design and intuitive LCD screen is my third alternative option to the Jura E6.This coffee machine is very versatile when it comes to the number of specialty coffee drinks that it can make. Drinks such as Cappuccino, Café Americano, Latte Macchiato, milk foam, hot water and hot milk are among the favorites coffee lovers can enjoy.

This user friendly coffee maker has an adjustable grind knob which means you can use coffee beans or powder.

Here are a few key specifications for the three units in comparison to the Jura E6:

Jura E6

  • Water tank capacity (liters):1.9
  • Programmable functions: 5 + 3/4 + 2
  • Bean Hopper (grams): 200
  • Fine auto frother: yes
  • One touch cappuccino:semi-automatic
  • Touchscreen display: no

De’Longhi ECAM35075i

  • Water tankcapacity (liters): 2.0
  • Bean Hopper (grams): 300
  • Fine auto frother: yes
  • One touch cappuccino: automatic
  • Touchscreen display: yes

Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Water tank capacity(liters):1.9
  • Programmable functions: 4 + 2
  • Bean Hopper (grams): 200
  • Fine auto frother: yes
  • One touch cappuccino: automatic
  • Touchscreen display: yes

MEROL Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

  • Water tank capacity(liters):2.0
  • Programmable functions: pump pressure 20bar
  • Bean Hopper (grams): 200
  • Fine auto frother: yes
  • One touch cappuccino: automatic
  • Touchscreen display: no

The Bottom Line

Coffee lovers who own coffee machines will tell you how great it is to enjoy their favorite specialty coffee drink in the comfort of their own homes. Having a fresh, hot frothy drink made in your Jura E6 is the ultimate way to begin a new morning or even end a long day. And for coffee lovers who need more than one espresso shot to get through the day, this is the perfect gift to yourself.

With its ease of use and nifty features, enjoying your café favorites has never been more fun or tasty! Change the way you enjoy your morning coffee, invest in a Jura E6 today!

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